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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Mankato, MN

Luxury vinyl flooring has evolved in recent years, making it one of the most coveted flooring types in today's market. This is thanks to advanced imaging technology that has made it more natural in appearance than ever.


At MCI Carpet One Floor & Home in Mankato, MN, we pride ourselves on bringing you cutting-edge flooring that flawlessly combines style and function.  Our flooring specialists are here to help you find the right floors for your next installation, and we certainly recommend luxury vinyl floors for many different residential and commercial settings. 


Be sure to visit us soon to see our latest selection of products and services, and keep reading to learn more about the ever-changing world of luxury vinyl flooring. 




What Are the Best Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring? 

Luxury vinyl flooring has quickly become one of the most popular categories on the market.


Due to high-definition imaging and specialized embossing, today’s luxury vinyl flooring looks almost identical to hardwood, tile, and stone. It’s made to be durable, moisture-repellent, and inexpensive. There are several different types of vinyl flooring. In addition to classic sheet vinyl, we also offer vinyl planks and tiles. 


  • Luxury vinyl planks look like natural hardwood flooring. Unlike hardwood floors, vinyl planks never need to be sanded, polished, or refinished. Use them freely in any space that won't tolerate "real" hardwood. 


  • Luxury vinyl tiles in various square and rectangular designs mirror porcelain, ceramic, and stone. Unlike actual tile, vinyl tiles don't require grout- however, some options come with convincing "grout lines" for a more realistic appearance. 


  • Sheet vinyl flooring is what most of us think of when we hear about "vinyl floors." Today's sheet vinyl has come a long way in recent years, and it's no longer considered a last resort. Property managers adore sheet vinyl, which can readily cover large spaces with few visible seams. 



Are Luxury Vinyl Floors Completely Waterproof?

We carry both waterproof and water-resistant luxury vinyl flooring products.


All luxury vinyl flooring can resist a fair level of household moisture, but life calls for something a bit stronger for your more splash-prone spaces! Waterproof luxury vinyl floors have a watertight seal that locks moisture away from your subfloor.


These amazing types of floors are perfect for the kitchen & bath, finished basements, and mudrooms. Do you have pets or little kids in your home? You'll be pleased to learn that our waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are also equipped with a fast-drying surface that’s stain-resistant and easy to clean.



Where Can I Install A Luxury Vinyl Floor?

Its synthetic construction makes luxury vinyl flooring a great addition to many different interiors. It’s good for homes with children and pets and business settings.


Luxury vinyl tiles can easily be installed in basements, mudrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Luxury vinyl planks also bring a beautiful hardwood look into these areas and look great in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and other main living spaces.


While luxury vinyl flooring is one of the easier floors to install, it is best to think twice before jumping into any DIY installation project. Many product warranties require professional flooring installation to ensure coverage down the road. 


Where Can I Find the Best Luxury Vinyl Floors in Mankato, MN? 

MCI Carpet One in Mankato has one of the best vinyl flooring selections in the area. You'll find all the best luxury vinyl flooring brands and styles here.


Carpet One Floor & Home is the flooring cooperative that we belong to. It allows us to stay locally owned, bringing you the same low prices you'd previously only seen in big box stores. You can feel good about shopping locally with us, as you’ll still find great vinyl flooring deals while working with a business that cares. 


Want to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring in Minnesota? Please visit our local flooring showroom soon at 224 St. Andrews Drive in Mankato, MN. 

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