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Loop carpet in bedroom

Loop Carpet

Take it easy with berber loop pile carpet, which is low maintenance and perfect for the busiest areas of your home.

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Acumen II 26 Swatch

Acumen II 26

by Core Elements

  • 13 Colors

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  • Green Select


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Acumen II 26 STLK 12' Swatch

Acumen II 26 STLK 12'

by Core Elements

  • 13 Colors

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Acumen II 28 Swatch

Acumen II 28

by Core Elements

  • 13 Colors

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Vestivia II Swatch

Vestivia II

by Core Elements

  • 5 Colors

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  • Green Select


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Vestivia II EPBL Swatch

Vestivia II EPBL

by Core Elements

  • 5 Colors


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Loop Carpet

Loop carpet in Kids Room

What Is Berber Carpet?

Did you know that berber carpet is inspired by a centuries-old carpet weaving technique of the Berber people in North Africa? Today's berber carpet has come a long way since those early days. This loop pile carpet is made of small, thick loops of nylon, olefin, or wool–not cut strands like other carpet types. The loops are tufted or sewn into the backing, resulting in a resilient, durable surface that makes the ideal flooring for your active family.

You can take it easy with berber carpet, which is low maintenance and perfect for the busiest areas of your home, like family rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and basements.

Berber Carpet Design Options

When shopping for loop pile carpet, consider the style you want.

  • Simple loop berber - Offers individual fiber loops and one uniform look
  • Textured loop - Standard loop carpet features individual fiber loops of more than one color
  • Patterned loop (patterned berber) - Fiber loops are sewn in a way that creates a design pattern, like subtle stripes, waves, and marbling.
  • Cut and loop carpet - Features a mixture of cut fibers incorporated with looped yarn to create an abstract or geometric design
  • Cut pile berber - Also known as California berber, this soft berber carpet features cut fibers with no loops, similar to frieze


The look of your loop carpet will depend on the design and color you choose. Berber carpet colors focus more on neutral tones, like ivory, beige, and taupe, making it an easy choice for any design style you might be trying to incorporate. Subtly patterned berber carpet, especially popular in commercial spaces like offices, sometimes includes flecks of black, brown, or red. This does a great job of concealing dirt or debris.

Durability and Maintenance

Loop carpeting withstands the daily wear and tear of active households. Its dense loops and resilient synthetic material work together to deliver impressively durability. Keep in mind that it can snag under certain conditions, though, if you're not careful. Avoid this by resisting the urge to drag anything across the carpet, which can loosen the loops.

When it comes to cleaning loop carpet, it's pretty straightforward! Loop carpet benefits from regular vacuuming without a beater bar, which can cause snags. When an accident happens, follow the manufacturer instructions to clean it up quickly from the surface of the fibers. Stains are much harder to clean if liquid penetrates down into the tightly woven loops.


The lifespan of loop carpet in your home will depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of fiber you choose
  • How much traffic your household gets
  • How well you maintain your carpet
  • Whether it was installed properly
  • The quality of materials used

Typically, you won’t have to worry about replacing your floors for many years, especially with warranty protection. Look for a solid warranty like what's offered at Carpet One Floor & Home, providing peace of mind for years to come.


Loop carpeting follows the same labor-intensive installation process as other carpet types, which is why hiring an expert installation team is a worthwhile choice. Experienced professionals will ensure the right method–either glued down or stretched in–is followed and completed properly.

Though loop carpeting traditionally comes in rolls, berber carpet tiles have surfaced in recent years as an easier option to install.

Pros and Cons of Berber Carpet

Before you purchase your loop carpet, you might be wondering what exactly are all the pros and cons at play?

  • Durability of tightly packed loops
  • Easier to clean and harder for dirt to penetrate thanks to its knot-like texture
  • Comfortable, cushiony feel underfoot

There's one consideration to keep in mind with berber carpet, especially if you have a pet-friendly home. Loop pile carpet can get snagged by pet claws. Keeping them trimmed can help, but it may not be worth the risk, especially since loop carpet is harder to repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is berber carpet outdated?

Berber carpet has seen a resurgence in popularity. With technical advancements, loop carpet can have a variety of looks to fit many design options. Its supreme durability and casual, neutral aesthetic fit in with many of today's interior design styles.

What is berber carpet called now?

Berber carpet is sometimes referred to as loop style carpeting, which is a more literal name for it based on its looped fibers.

What type of carpet is berber?

Berber carpet has a loop pile, meaning its fibers create loops that are sewn to the backing. Those loops create thedurable, easy-to-clean surface berber carpet is known for, making it more manageable when your little ones take off with their juice boxes in tow.

Do you put padding under berber carpet?

It's recommended that padding be used under berber carpet. Adding padding below your loop carpet can leave you with a softer, more comfortable experience and help extend the carpet's life. Fiber pads made of natural wool or synthetic fibers are ideal thanks to their thinness and density.

What is a loop carpet?

Loop carpet consists of fibers that are looped and sewn to the backing, creating a tight, uniform surface. There are no exposed ends like you see with fluffy cut pile carpets.

Is loop carpet any good?

Yes! Loop carpet is a great flooring alternative for busy rooms in your home, like living areas, playrooms, and basements. It's extremely resistant to your busy home’s constant foot traffic, plus it's easy to clean and fairly affordable.

Is loop carpet expensive?

The cost of loop carpeting can vary based on the fiber you choose. Ultimately, the carpet material used and its quality usually have a bigger influence on carpet costs than the pile type.

Which is better: loop or twist carpet?

The fiber, dye method, and construction all affect carpeting's durability and longevity. If you have pets, a cut pile carpet would likely be a better option.

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